Dr. Armin Vahdat Augenarzt

Dr. Amir Vahdat Ophthalmologist

Dr. Amir Vahdat, FEBO

Hello, my name is Dr. Amir Vahdat, and I am glad to welcome you to our practice pages. 

I am a doctor for general and pediatric ophthalmology, and I specialised in diagnostics and therapy of macular diseases, diabetic retinal damages and retinal vein occlusion.

More about me:



    04/2003  –  04/2009

    Medical studies, University of Cologne


    State examination


    Doctorate at the Medical Faculty, University of Cologne (Dr. med.)


    Approbation as FEBO („Fellow of European Board of Ophthalmology“, European recognition as a specialist by examination in Paris)


    Approbation as ophthalmologist


    08/2009  –  05/2013

    Further training in ophthalmology, St.-Martinus-Krankenhaus Düsseldorf (Chief physician: PD Dr. Klaus Dieter Lemmen)

    01/2011  –  05/2013

    Side activity as assistant physician in the practice of Prof. Renate Unsöld, additionally further training in neuroophthalmology

    06/2013  –  08/2014

    Further training in ophthalmology in the practice of PD Dr. K. D. Lemmen (retinology) and Prof. Dr. Renate Unsöld (neuroophthalmology), Blumenstr. 28, 40212 Düsseldorf

    since 09/2014

    Medical work as ophthalmologist at the ophthalmic practice Blumenstr. 28, 40212 Düsseldorf


    01/2005  –  12/2010

    Work at the Laboratory for Immunotherapy of the Medical Faculty of the University of Cologne in the team of von Prof. Dr. E. Pogge Von Strandmann, supervised by private lecturer H. Hansen; thesis: „TNF-alpha-Konvertase (TACE/ADAM 17)-abhängige Freisetzung von membranständigem CD30 durch Proteasomen-lnhibition unter Beteiligung von reaktiven Sauerstoffspezies (ROS)“


    Doctorate at the Medical Faculty, University of Cologne (Dr. med.)


    • Publication „TNF-alpha-converting enzyme (T ACE/ ADAM17)-dependent loss of CD30 induced by proteasome inhibition through reactive oxygen species“ Leukemia (2009)
    • Lecture „Schlafapnoe und NAION (Nicht entzündliche anteriore ischämische Optico-Neuropathie“ at the 2nd Interdisciplinary Symposion on optic nerve infarction (NAION) and stroke (Scientific supervision: Prof. Dr. R. Unsöld) Düsseldorf (2013)

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