Altersbedingte Augenvorsorge

Prevention is better than cure

Maintain your
visual acuity!

Age-related eye prevention Practice with state-of-the-art diagnostic technology

The older we become, the higher the risk of eye diseases. At our practice we conduct ophthalmological preventive screenings and can therefore diagnose and treat diseases at an early stage.

Why age-related prevention is so important

  • Many eye diseases remain undetected in the beginning.
  • A great many of them stays even unnoticed until an advanced stage is reached, because they don’t cause pain or other symptoms.
  • There is a considerable danger that patients become aware of symptoms only at a final stage, for example when the vision worsens.
  • Therapy is significantly more difficult and less likely to succeed at an advanced stage. This means that then, usually no improvement can be achieved.


Which age-related eye diseases respond well to therapy?


Positive progress when diagnosed early and well treatable

Many eyes diseases that emerge at a high age or as a side-effect of other illnesses, such as rheumatic-immunological diseases, are well treatable when early diagnosed.

In some cases, it is too late for therapy. That is why an ophthalmologist prevention is especially important in order to detect often hidden eye diseases, such as macular degeneration or glaucoma – and to diagnose and treat them early, so long-term effects and irreparable damage (loss of vision) is avoided.


Undetected eye diseases can lead to blindness in the worst case.


This is true for these eye diseases:

Why we recommend regular eye prevention after your 40th birthday


Regular eye prevention after your 40th birthday

We recommend a preventive screening on a regular basis after your 40th birthday at our practice. Trust us and let us maintain your eye health and vision together for a long time with prevention. In the case of certain family diseases – such as macula degeneration or glaucoma –, the preventive eye check-up should take place ideally once a year, at least every other year.

Our preventive services for age-related eye diseases


Detecting age-related eye diseases at an early stage:

By having regular preventive screenings, you make sure that any eye diseases are detected and treated at an early stage.

Thanks to modern medicinal technology, we are able to early detect and treat eye diseases such as glaucoma, age-related macula degeneration and vascular pathologies in the eye.

Additionally, we offer you the chance to have ocular fundus photography (Optos), as well as three-dimensional layer examination of the central retina (macula) and of the optic nerve by using optical coherence tomography (OCT).


Our preventive services for age-related eye diseases:

  • Early detection of glaucoma
    – Intra-ocular pressure and cornea thickness measuring
    – Examination of the optic nerve
    – Examination of the visual field
  • Early detection of age-related macular degeneration (AMD)
  • Early detection of cataract