Pediatric ophthalmologist Specialised ophthalmologist practice for children in Düsseldorf

Children’s eye diseases can be undetected by their parents. The children themselves – especially at very young age – pay almost no attention at all to eye changes or cannot articulate them.

If illnesses of the child’s eye remain undetected and untreated, severe damages can occur in the worst case. Therefore, we strive to save your child’s vision from early on and to fight diseases of the child’s eye by early treatment.

Advantages of our practice for you and your child:

  • We have specialised on children’s eye diseases and can therefore offer a lot of expertise in this field.
  • Our practice provides visual training for kids, where you and your child are supervised by an experienced orthoptist. In the follow-up, one of our specialised doctors examines your child.
  • We offer for each age and each stage of development the appropriate examination methods.
  • We put emphasis on a quiet, patient and caring contact with children.
  • We know how important and successful examination methods and therapies especially designed for children are.
  • We take plenty of time for each single child and plan our appointments in a way that allows us to profoundly diagnose your child.

Diagnostics and treatment of ill children’s eyes


How we treat diseases of your child’s eyes

We take plenty of time for you and your child. It is important for us to gain an exhausting overview of the child’s eye’s general situation and vision. Therefore, we examine:

  • visual acuity
  • stereoscopic vision
  • eye position and movement
  • refraction (dioptres, defective vision)
  • and a general organic evaluation

In some cases, for a more precise diagnosing of the refraction (dioptres, defective vision), a pupil dilation through eye drops is indicated, because only then it is possible to achieve exact refraction determination with children.

Ophthalmologist therapies for children


We offer the following therapies for children:

  • Defective vision of children
    We prescribe children, who suffer from defective vision, glasses that are suitable for children. Glasses can only help, if they are prescribed and worn from early on. If a child’s defective vision is detected too late, the weaker eye often needs training. This is done by masking the stronger eye for a couple of hours every day (occlusion). This training entails that the child’s weaker eye’s vision improves.
  • Weakness in vision of children
    Children who suffer from a weakness in vision should have occlusion therapy, too. But this therapy is only successful if the child is not older than seven or eight years. If the reason for the weakness in vision is, for example, an undetected one-sided defective vision or a strabismus, occlusion therapy at a higher age will not help very much. This is why early prevention is so important for the child’s eye.
  • Strabismus of children
    Children with strabismus can be treated in various ways, depending on the type and form of the strabismus. Some types of strabismus can be corrected by glasses. But there are some forms of strabismus that require surgery. Our ophthalmologist practice collaborates very closely with renowned eye clinics that have specialised on the eyes of children.

Why early eye examination is so important for children


  • There are eye diseases that stay unnoticed from parents and children and that can mean a massive, lasting damage to the child’s eye.
  • That is why we advise you to have your child’s eyes early examined and preventively screened.
  • Because our ophthalmologist practice has specialised on children, we allay any fears and conduct the examination very child-oriented and as playful as possible.