PD Dr. Klaus Dieter Lemmen awarded by FOCUS as Top Physician 2019

Top Mediziner 2019 Focus Siegel Dr. Lemmen

After being listed from 2010–2014 as a retina expert among the top 1,500 German physicians by FOCUS Online Magazine, PD Dr. Klaus Dieter Lemmen was now awarded the FOCUS seal „Top Physician 2019“ in his special field “Diabetic eye diseases”. For more than 20 years, the FOCUS’s list of doctors is a reliable help and orientation for finding physicians and clinics.

The medics are chosen by an independent research institute

FOCUS health awards leading medicine experts the seals „Top Physician“ and „Recommended Doctor in the Region“ in order to give its readers a well-founded overview, where they can be sure to find good treatment with their health issues. An independent research institute (MINQ) is commissioned for the task. This institute uses the peer-method (experts judge on experts), asking e.g. senior physicians, Chief doctors, and medical evaluators to create a ranking. Only medics with especially many recommendations make it onto the list. Then, further criteria are applied.

For example, patient satisfaction, which is evaluated via support groups and patient associations. And apart from publications in leading specialist journals, certifications play a role, too, for quality assessment.

FOCUS Diabetes recommends PD Dr. Klaus Dieter Lemmen for diabetic eye diseases

PD Dr. Klaus Dieter Lemmen fulfilled all criteria of evaluation and was many times recommended by colleagues as a retina expert. And his patients give him excellent ratings, too, while his countless publications indicate his expert status in the field of diabetic eye diseases.

We congratulate to the FOCUS seal Top Physician 2019 Diabetic Eye Diseases (FOCUS Diabetes 02/2019).