Improvement for our patients: More information now online available for you

Lemmen und Vahdat

Our ophthalmological practice is determined to stand by your – our patients’ – side and provide you with comprehensive information about all things related to vision – also online. It is especially our aim to offer you all important things to know on our website, available before and after your visit.

We know that a visit at the doctor’s and being confronted with a disease usually involves an intense research on the internet. Therefore, we will upload lots of information concerning eye diseases to our website.

Information before and after your visit

Because we want to give the chance to look up certain things again or to inform yourself in advance. Of course, at our practice, we can answer all of your questions and gladly take a lot of time to advise you thorougly and to treat you according to your needs.

In times of digital change, we strive for an internet-supported doctor-patient-relationship to be able to help you online, too. Our website is ecpecially user-friendly for our patients. It provides an option for people with visual impairment to enlarge text and thereby diminish reading problems. The colour design has been carefully chosen so that your eye can easily pick up information.

Patient information: What’s good to know about your visit at our eye practice

In the section patient information, you will find all important things concerning your visit at our place at a glance. Additionally, you can easily contact us via a newly created online contact form outside our phone times – we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Information on diseases as well as diagnostics and therapies that we offer at our practice

If you need information about eye diseases, how a preventional screening is made, the possibility to pass a visual test for a driving license, or about pediatric ophthalmology, we offer you our content in the respective website sections.

Important to us: an ideal doctor-patient-relationship offline and online

We hope that you like our new website and easily find your way. We gladly receive your feedback in case you miss an information, or have a suggestion. After all, we want to create a perfect online experience for our patients on our new practice website.

The website will grow in the future and be there for you with current news and background information.